Oaty and Joey's is all about...


...and we strive to ensure

- The highest possible standard of hygiene, cleanliness and safety
- A friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff
- Great Value 

Opening hours

Oaty and Joey's is open from 9am till 5.30 pm every day, with the exception of “Family Fridays” when we remain open until 8pm for the whole family to enjoy all of our facilities

Admission Charges

OFF PEAK (weekdays term time)

Under 12 months - £1.50
12 - 24 months - £3.50
2 - 4 years - £4.95

2 - 4 years- £4.95

4 to 11 years - £5.95
Child Minders (per child, term time only) - £2.50
After School 'Meal Deal" - £8.95

PEAK TIMES (weekends and all bank / school holidays

Under 12 months - £1.50
12 to 24 months - £4.50
2 to 4 years - £5.95
4 to 11 years - £6.95

*Only adults over 18 assisting children are allowed on play frames.

Who are Oaty & Joey?

Meet Oaty at Oaty & Joey's

About Oaty

Oaty is a fun-loving, kind character, based on one of the 130 year old Oatland kilns. He is very knowledgeable, particularly about bygone Guernsey and children love to learn from him. There is every chance that children may meet Oaty in person!

About Joey

Joey is the much-loved iconic trislander, who flew between the islands, England and France for over 40 years, covering some 2 million miles. He is now so happy in his new home at Oatlands - he is still learning and is keen to learn about the world. He is always willing to help others. There is more to know about dear Joey - look out for the new Joey books!

Meet Joey at Oaty & Joey's

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